Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mormons; The Other White Meat by religiousantagonist

Hey everyone this is Mike the Religious Antagonist … Biki and I have been messaging the last few days and I was asked to write a short intro to one of my videos for his Blog “You Could Have it So Much Better.”

I do a religious satire channel on youtube called the “Religious Antagonist,” and I think my latest videos sparked some interest from our beloved blog-master.

Certainly being no friend to the LGBT movement, the crimes against the LDS church run the gamut from bad taste and murder to justifying theological racism. The swipes that I take at the Mormons in my latest video (in my opinion) are perfectly defensible.

I hope that everyone enjoys the video below for what it is…a light-hearted teasing of a serious issue. We as a society have a long way to go for social justice; so let’s never forget the wrongs that have been committed against the progressive movement. However, we must also be willing to forgive those same wrongs or we will end up just as guilty as them.

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Aek said...

Hehe, amusing vid. Some of the Mormons at my school are some of the nicest people I've met. But I haven't discussed with them on any subject of particular controversy, so who knows. Insofar as healthcare is concerned, half of them are pretty liberal (the other half are pretty conservative).