Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hello All!

This blog is part advice column, part informational articles, and hopefully a place we can all come for support and understanding.  I want you to feel that in many ways, this is your blog.  Tell me what you want to know, what you need to know, what you need to hear.  Ask me a question that I don't know the answer to?  I will dig until you have your information.  I would like to open it up to guests to post.  However, having said that, I do have the last word if your post will see the light of day.  

There will be two ways to receive advice, both are simple and start the same way, with an email. Open posting advice, write me an email and explain that you want this to be an posted question, and ask me your question.  Your question will appear in a post with my advice following, and this will allow comments to your question and my answer.  Your identity will not be revealed, so no worries about that.  Write as much detail as you wish to me because I will strip anything out before I post that might allow your fellow bloggers to recognize you.

Private advice, email me and I will answer you back my advice to you in an email.

And if you are sitting there wondering if I can be trusted with your most private feelings and problems?  I am a vault.  I do not ever feel the need to tell what I know.  EVER!

There is no embarrassing me either!  If you have chatted with me you know I can be well rude if I wanna be.  There is no subject that would embarrass me, ok?  

This blog will be evolving as time spools out, and I hope this becomes a home for open and frank discussion of....... whatever YOU want to talk about.

If you don't know who I am and want the cliff notes version, here it is...... 
Androgyne, straight, married to my best friend for 31 years, 4 sons.  And those four young men are the best thing I will ever do!  Was a librarian in a very small village for 10 years, and yes that means I love to read.  Science, history, manga, anime, movies,..... ok I'm basically interested in everything.  Want to know more about me?  Ask me!