Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Pi Day!

                                                    Happy Pi Day!!

To celebrate this happy happy day,  w00t!! , Pi!, here's a listing of some nifty neat geek sites in the GLBT World.

gay geeks-

Gay Geeks is a forum for (duh) gay geeks of all types to hang out, chat, debate, rant, occasionally flirt shamelessly, and just generally chill. You don't have to be a computer geek, and you don't have to "prove" how geeky you are. It's all about self-identification, peeps. Just be whatever.
We're in a crazy alpha period right now, where I randomly add new features and break old ones all the time, while getting feedback from you guys. 

gay gamer - For boys who like boys who like joysticks!

teh gay geek -Tech news and info for ALL geeks. 011101000110010101101000001000000110011101100001011110010010000001100111011001010110010101101011

the gay gamer- I'm sure you can tell from the name of this blog what it's all about, but if not here's the scoop: I'm a gay guy and I like video games. I'm also a writer, and since I don't often get to write about games professionally I decided to find another outlet for my obsession. Hence, the creation of this blog.


When I began this site, alot of right wing gamers slammed me by saying, "Why do you need a 'Gay Gamers" site?  Just be a gamer no matter who or what you are.'
In a perfect world, this would be the case however we don't live in that world. 

The truth is, in the gaming community, there are some pretty staunchly homophobic players and is about having fun without hearing the bashing.  So I give this site to you as a safe haven where gaming is the focus, not hate.

slashdot- this is a cool place to go for the extreme geeks.  This isnt an glbt site, so watch your step out there, some of these geeks are firmly homophobic. 

thinkgeek- best darned geek stuff all in one neat and tidy package!  toys, shirts, cube farm fun....  yes i know this is a online store, but really, the descriptions alone is worth the visit. 

ok, time for cake!


Anonymous said...

COOL POST!!!! THANKS!!!!! Loved the links!!!

Peace <3

ittyK said...

I kind of want to marry whoever made that cake. That's just way too cool to be legal.