Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Hampsire Speakers Claim Gay Marriage Leads To Disease, Polgamy by Carlos Santoscoy

Opponents of gay marriage at a Thursday hearing in New Hampshire said they fear the institution because it leads to disease and polygamy.

Supporters of the state's year-old gay marriage law greatly outnumbered opponents during a hearing to consider two bills that aim to end the institution in the state.

According to the Nashua Telegraph, 45 people signed up in support of the bills and 545 opposed them.

One gay marriage foe told lawmakers that he was intimidated by the hundreds who showed up wearing red in support of the law.

“Many people were intimidated to come here,” the speaker said. “And by the way, for all of you dressed in red, you are very intimidating. Even to a man like me. And honestly I only have a fear of God more than I have a fear of man.”

Republican Senator Fenton Groen alleged that gay unions “significantly increase” the risk of “serious diseases” and “can be expected to significantly shorten” the lives of gay people.

Representative Alfred Baldasaro, who has previously likened gay marriage to polygamy and incest, repeated his claims.

During a 2010 hearing, the Republican said: “What about [laws] being disrespectful to sister-sister that love each other, sister-brother, sister-mom, incest, it's in there. Aren't we discriminating against all of them? What about the Muslims, now? Everyone's praising the Muslims that are killing us. What about them? They want three, four wives ...”


jaygeemmm said...

More stupid Republican bigotry.
Peace <3

Joseph said...
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Joseph said...

I wish Someone would stand up and tell these people that-

~A person marrying a person of the same sex is not like incest. They are not marrying someone from their family.
~Gay marriage is not like polygamy.Gay people only want to marry one person.
~Marrying a person of the Same sex is not like marrying an animal because that person is of the same species.
~People are already marrying objects.
~Gay marriage won't destroy the sanctity of marriage. Divorce already did that.
~Noone will die because of gay marriage
~They won't get aids
~They won't turn gay.
~Their children are safe.
and last and most importanlty....IT WONT EFFECT THEM IN ANY WAY

Aek said...

Lol, idiocy. Sigh.