Monday, February 14, 2011

Gay Youth 'Safe Houses' remain 'hidden' in California

Wow.........I had no idea that there were even such things out there. That these kids are on the run like this, afraid, without a home, without much hope really at all.

While I think fighting for civil rights, ie marriage and ENDA is very important, the needs of these kids need to be addressed. There has to be some way for these "hospitals" to be shut down, and for good. If it's a legal loophole that allows for these places to stay in business, that loophole must be changed.

These places need to be raided, all employees arrested, and the children removed to foster care, or half way houses, but NOT returned to the care of their parents. If the legal penalties were the maximum allowed by the statues, AND if the churches behind them were also taken to court, we might just see an end to this nonsense.


Lightning Baltimore said...

I imagine the fact that churches and religious organizations are behind them shields them from prosecution, since they would likely claim their right to freedom of religion was being impinged.

If you look at websites for places that promise the hope of "converting" from gay to straight, you'll see medical and psychiatric credentials are never present. To be fair, there might be some I've not seen that do give them, but most, if not all, base their credentials on scripture, not science.

Aek said...

That's pretty horrible, and what an understatement that is. It's hard to imagine that such places (still) exist. There is no legit medical organization in the world that supports "conversion therapy" and that's been the case for several decades now.