Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Bilerico Project and the US Census

Today's post is about a website that I love, and I think you might just fall in love with it too.  The Bilerico Project  tag line is daily experiments in LGBTQ.  Every day there is something new to read, running from personal posts to LGBTQ news.  Today one of the stories is about a high school that cancels prom to keep two female students attending as a couple.  Yes, they canceled prom after ACLU got involved and found out their polices were illegal under the anti-discrimination laws.  Also was a call to contact Nancy Polosi and demand that she move on ENDA.  Also a very good article on why the ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional.  This is a link to the first part, the second part posted today, and the third and final part will post on Friday.

While I read most of the articles on Bilerico, my main focus on this site is transgender articles.  To be quite honest, transgender topics are usually not covered in most of the more mainstream sites.  The T is included in the listing, but in my view, only the LGB issues are deemed important in many peoples minds.  And sadly transgenders are the "blondes" of the gay world, we are made fun of and sidelined.  But not on Bilerico Project.  There everyone that falls under the inclusion umbrella, all are welcome, and none are made fun of.

Stop on by and give this wonderful site a read, I don't think you will be disappointed.

Queer the Census is a grassroots effort to tell the federal government that we are here, and we deserve to be counted.  If the federal government is going to spend money to count us, to find out how many are married, if we own guns, have indoor toilets, how much money we make, they shouldn't they count how many LGBT's there are?  And how many of us have partners, or married in the states that allow us to marry?  I signed the petition, and sent for my pink sticker to attach to the back of my census form, telling the feds if we are LGBT or a straight ally.  This site is ran by the national Gay and Lesbian Task Force.  Go, sign the petition, send for you pink sticker, and if you are a Facebook person, add it to your page.  I did, in fact, I added it twice!  Why? I wanted people to understand that to me it was very important!

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Waffles said...

it really is a shame that the queer community (or however you want to slice it) is so easily divided. I don't mean we'll necessarily actively turn on each other... more like we omit.

My friend identifies as asexual and apparently the gay community centre (in vancouver no less) doesn't include that in that unwieldly acronym we've been tacking letters onto for the past 30 years.

In any case, the bilerico project is great, and i <3 the trans community like its my own (omfg what a novel fucking idea...)