Monday, January 3, 2011

Bigotry and inciting violence, just a normal day

Ok, maybe he should have gotten a new birth certificate before trying to get married. I mean he has to know the amount of bigotry loose in the world. But still he had the important piece of paper showing that he is legally a male. I found the story here.  Now, I should have known that anything posted on this website would be not tolerant of GLBT people, but some of what they did say blew me away.  Here are the couple that really bothered me:
Regardless of surgery the DNA chromosomal makeup remains the same either XY or XX.
She was born with a Uterus for a reason.... the same reason she was born without a peenis
“You don’t need a penls to become a man,” ???? what planet did this /diot come from ,,, even if he does not believe in g0d,,, nature says he's a fool,,, either way, he lose's 

I am continually surprised by peoples stupidly, bigotry, and the ease with which we hate others that are different. Why is that? What is hard wired within humans that causes us to easily hate members of our own species?

It seemingly takes a certain amount of time before the hated group begins to be absorbed into our society. When the hatred that had been focused looses it't target, a new victim must be found to be the scapegoat. Throughout the history of our country many groups have shared the hate spotlight, and each of them have lost their status as "most hated" and really the only ones left to center the bright hot hate light on is the GLBT.

Today over at I should be laughing, Bob was talking about the hate that Sir Elton John and his husband David Furnish have had heaped upon them. Ok, so I get it, many religious people don't agree with gays and lesbians being parents. And thats fine, it's an opinion, it shouldn't be the law of the land, but one can hold whatever opinion they wish.

However, this is where I begin to get mad, play along with me ok? You are watching the news, and they are airing a segment talking about issues within the black community, let's say education. The program will have on talking heads to discuss the "problem" Experts in education, possibly a concerned parent or two. This would not even get an eye blink from you, yeah? Its news as usual. Now, along with the education experts and a parent, add in a member of the Klu Klux Klan. Can you imagine the fire storm that would occur? Yeah, and rightly so.

None of the news agencies anywhere within our country, no matter how bigoted the area is, would ever even consider adding in a hate group to talk about black issues. Why oh why do the news agencies feel that its ok to invite GLBT hate groups to talk about issues that concern us? Where is our firestorm to burn this sort of mass stupidity out of society? The only thing that comes to mind is for GLBT and our allies to band together to protest loudly every time they do something this hurtful, this stupid, and this dangerous.


Yes, dangerous. Because society sanctioned open hate causes violence. It allows parents to throw their children out for being GLBT. Children absorb the views of their parents, and this is the leading cause of bullying in schools.

Could it be the news people are clueless? Could it be that in trying to be fair to both sides, they don't realize what they are perpetuating? Yes, I've told you before my glass is nearly full, rabid optimist here. Having said that, the only reason things changed for blacks is because they stopped sitting in the back of the bus, stopped paying attention to the signs, and started making noise. I know, they are visible for all to see, and for the most part we are not. Could it be that it's time for us to make some noise, to become visible, to speak up when ever we hear the rude comments?

This summer one of my son's girl friends, was talking about a worker in a local store. She kept referring to her as "it" Why? Well because this is a transwoman, and she doesn't "pass" well. I told her,"That isn't nice! Stop it! She's a person, a human." I'm not sure if it made any impact on her, but I wasn't going to sit an let her say cruel things. I have stopped these females of my son's several times before about saying horrid things about GLBT before. And what strikes me so odd? Is I have never heard any of our sons say one nasty word against GLBT, ever! Why they didn't attract a more tolerant brand of females is beyond me.

Acceptance and love can be bigger than hate, and their is plenty for all.