Monday, October 25, 2010

Reading gives me ideas.......

i'm reading a manga series titled
the main theme is very compelling
a horrible disease racks japan
killing young men and boys
leaving at the end only around 1/4 of the population comprised of men
YIKES! i know!!

but so now the sex roles are reversed
and men are now cosseted and protected
and are sold for huge dowries like women
there are brothels for women to have sex with men
hoping to get pregnant
as many cant afford the dowry to marry

the women do all of the hard physical labor
and rule the land
the shogun is a woman
and she has 800! men in her harem
the books mostly take place in the inner court (harem)
it's made quite clear that many of the men in the inner court
love and have sex with each other
there is also a horrible rape scene
between several of the jealous men of the inner court
and one of the new members thereof
there is throughout the series
female/male love stories as well

but what i found so fascinating about this series
was how their whole concept of society
from the very roots to the rafters
had to be reworked, rethought, remade
which has me thinking..................
what if our world society were shaken in that manner?

not a huge loss of men! i don't want a horror story here!!!!
but something that would force us to remake our world
and there were only two things that came to mind
1. loss of religion of any sort
2. total global acceptance of lgbt humans
which would cause more of a total change in our societies?
and after a great deal of thinking the total acceptance of all forms of lgbt

i think that would cause more of a wide ranging change in our world
because if you could accept sex orientation
gender presentation, or lack of a definable gender
wouldn't acceptance of skin color follow?
acceptance of religion?
acceptance period?